IEC.... Education, Scientific, Automotive


Industrial Equipment & Control Pty. Ltd. is an Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of educational apparatus for the teaching of Science, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics for schools, universities and trade colleges. Our products are continually being updated and new items are regularly added to our range. Our products are distributed through reliable dealers both locally and overseas.
Our general and scientific engineering division specialises in the design and manufacture of technical apparatus including special machinery for the Automotive, Brewing, Testing, Diagnostic and many other industries.

EDUCATION:....... The large product range of over 450 products includes many types of Power Supplies, Signal Generators, Geiger Counters, Light Boxes & Optical sets, Optical Benches, Ripple Tanks, Electric Motor Kits, Demonstration Transformers, Stroboscopes, various Van De Graaf Generators, Timers, Resistance and Capacitance Boxes, Gas laws, Linear Air Tracks, Air Blowers and various teaching kits for Electricity and Electronics.
AUTOMOTIVE:....... Various instruments for diagnostics and various machines used the evacuation, leak testing and filling of brake, clutch and power steering systems, engine coolant systems, engine, transmission and differential oils, air conditioning systems, the building of battery eliminating power supplies and the actuation of ABS modules and more....
MASH BATHS:...... IEC manufactures various models of Mash Bath used for the testing of malt, barley and cereal products to international standards for laboratories and breweries. The range includes both bench and floor standing models ranging from 6 head to 30 head capacity. Stirring is from below using rotating magnets and the larger models include distilled water dispensing.

TECHNOS is a sister company to IEC and specialises in the importing of a large range of laboratory apparatus, glassware, plasticware, instruments, meters, biological models, charts and other educational and scientific apparatus.
JONDRE is a division of Technos that specialises in the supply of hair care products to the trade.
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