IEC History

IEC is proud to have 100% Australian heritage and ownership

HISTORY:.... IEC's first building surrounded by mud and pot holes.

Circa 1960...... were they really the good old days ?


Industrial Equipment & Control Pty.Ltd. began as a general engineering enterprise founded back in 1948 in the suburb of Surrey Hills Melbourne by Laurence John Hodson.

Laurie Hodson had been a Ham Radio operator and an armature winder in his early days and became foreman of McColl Electric Motors in the 1920s and 30s. Laurie was an authority and expert in electronics of the day and in the design of electric motors and generators, so Hodson & Gault was founded which manufactured DC motors and equipment up to and during the war. There are still a few "H&G" DC motors and generators in trade schools around the country.

Industrial Equipment & Control Pty.Ltd. (IEC) began behind Laurie's home and a young chemical graduate, Frank Sans, agreed to be a partner and to try his hand at engineering. An apprentice and a tradesman was soon added to the staff and production began.

The image at the right shows young Frank Sans next to the electrical test bench in the old building shown above


After working at several jobs, young Bernard Hodson joined IEC, became a partner and ran the workshop, built much of the equipment and eventually ran the company. Our first educational order was for several thousand bunsen burners and now we produce a large range of sophisticated equipment for local and for export markets. Laurie passed away in 1970 but Frank Sans is still an active member of IEC and is a wealth of knowledge and assistance.

The image to the right shows a young and eager Bernard ready to deliver IEC's first refrigerant charging machine to General Motors in Dandenong in his white 1956 model Dodge ute.

It was his pride and joy .......

It required a good sturdy vehicle just to get to and from the factory each day. A tow bar and a winch helped too.


Beryl Hodson has been deeply involved with the progress of IEC as a director and as the main force behind the renowned 'Hodson Light Box & Optical Set'. For this amazing effort, thousands of students should be very grateful.


Today, IEC is known in Australia and around the world as a designer and manufacturer of a large range of educational equipment for the teaching of Science, Physics and Chemistry. Using our heritage as scientific engineers, the quality and performance of IEC equipment is our first priority and, because our pricing has been very stable, the large range of items provide excellent value for money. Many of our prices have been unchanged since 1989 because of improvements in product design and tooling.

Gary Spottiswoode began with IEC as a boy of 17 and he is our specialist designer of electronic apparatus. Hundreds of circuit boards, panel artworks and plastic moulding tools came from the artistic and technical skills of Gary. Our R&D division is always improving current models and developing new items to add to the range. If we are aware of a teaching problem in the field, we will design a piece of apparatus to fix the problem. We value feedback from teachers.

IEC has managed several large overseas projects from both the sourcing and manufacture of the products through to packaging in kit form and final transport to destination. We now export to about 42 countries.


IEC is a manufacturing company and TECHNOS is a sister company managed by Andrea Waddell. It handles the importing of plasticware and glassware, laboratory instruments, biological models, optics and many items of teaching apparatus that are not part of the IEC range. The products include flasks, beakers, burettes, pipetters, dishes, balances, colony counters, centrifuges, refractometers, oscilloscopes, pH and sound level meters, together with many other items that overlap from schools into industrial chemistry.

JONDRE and ELITE are special divisions of TECHNOS and are managed by John Waddell. Jondre and Elite supply the Hair and Beauty trades with cosmetic products including Shampoos, Conditioners, Gels and Peroxides. The similarity in John's and Andrea's names is not a coincidence.


The IEC range of automatic evacuation, leak testing and filling equipment is well known in Australia and in the Asian area. These large industrial machines are used on vehicle assembly lines. By using high vacuum techniques, the machines are programmed to perform the following functions: filling of brake and clutch fluid, filling of 'dry' ABS units, filling of power steering fluid, mixing and blending and filling engine coolant fluids, evacuation, testing and filling Air Conditioning systems with refrigerant gas, filling of washer bottles with detergent fluids, filling transmission fluids, engine oils and differential oils.

IEC is deeply involved also in automotive diagnostic equipment and special engineering for the automotive industry. Noel Pollock, our engineering foreman and draftsman is a skilled engineer and is responsible for our excellent work quality.


The Mash Bath is a special piece of accurate laboratory apparatus used for determining the qualities of barley, malt and cereals. IEC began working for government and private malt and barley laboratories back in the 1960s and now the range includes the small 6, 9 or 12 head bench models, through 20, 25 and 30 head floor mounting models. The number of heads is the number of samples that can be processed at the one time. IEC manufactures Hot Plates, Magnetic Stirrers and other apparatus for laboratories.


Both IEC and Technos are suppliers to the trade of a large range of apparatus. Naturally we have a repair division and we carry spares for all our equipment regardless of age.

I personally wish to thank our many customers for their loyalty and for providing us the opportunity to serve their needs.

Bernard L. Hodson............ Managing Director