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An Australian company is having almost exact duplicates of IEC products made in China. It is a free country and I suppose we should be flattered to see how closely they have copied every aspect of our housing components that give IEC its 'look'. It seems as though the perpetrator could not imagine a better looking product ...

However, it is far more likely that the intent is to hoodwink customers into thinking they are purchasing IEC products. There appears to be no brand name on the products and the power supply we studied had a very annoying beeper and the very complicated overload we saw actually tripped out almost 1amp before the rated current was achieved. It was not correctly assembled according to Australian safety standards and was not marked as tested for the C-Tick approval.

please be careful .......................


Some of our products have been available through a business by the name of DRAKE SCIENTIFIC. Please note that we no longer deal through this company.

ASBESTOS in Hot Plates:

There is a rumour around that some groups of "testers" are removing Hot Plates from schools and claiming they have asbestos insulation under the plate. Asbestos has been unavailable for about 20 years and IEC has not used Asbestos on any product since the mid 1980s.

We DID use a pressed asbestos product on our very old Hot Plates which have a sheet metal housing that screws together and a cast alloy plate. Our later models up to today use a glass based white material (that could be mistaken for asbestos)

We would be interested in the tests they use to determine what is asbestos and what is not. Therefore, TEACHERS ....... BEWARE OF FALSE ACCUSATIONS REGARDING ASBESTOS IN OUR HOT PLATES.

If the Hot Plate is very old, with a sheet metal housing, it MIGHT have a sheet of hard asbestos material sandwiched between aluminium surfaces, so if you have concerns, send it off to your dealer with instructions for IEC to fix things. Sometimes however, the very old units are so corroded that they will not come apart without breaking screws and so on. In these unusual cases, the Hot Plate would require replacement.

ASBESTOS on oven doors:

Our Student Oven way back in the early 1980s used a piece of asbestos cement sheet (same as the beach houses we used to live in). This was changed to the white glass based material too. If you have a very old one and if you are worried, we can change that inner door panel too.

ELECTRICAL TESTING: information for teachers...

Some of IEC's products such as Hot Plates, Electric Stills and Ovens contain sheathed electrical heating elements. These elements when heating and cooling tend to 'breath' very small amounts of air due to expansion and contraction of the air inside the sheath. The seals at the points where the element exits the sheath, over time, deteriorate allowing this 'breathing'. The electrical regulations governing leakage resistance to earth accepts this natural event and specifies that such equipment must exceed 10,000 ohms insulation resistance whereas equipment without sheathed elements would be expected to be well in excess of 1,000,000 ohms.

The electrical 'testers' used by the testing people visiting schools or used by schools themselves have been rejecting our hot plates and ovens although, in almost all cases, they test well in excess of this allowable figure for products with sheathed elements. When the testers indicate there is a low reading, please advise them that anything in excess of 10,000 ohms is acceptable for such equipment, providing the reading rises to greater than 1 megohm after having been heated.


LB2669-001    (a new item).  With a choice of single or dual decisions.  Can be used by one person because of the 'random time' feature.  Also can be used as a simple 'driving reaction time' if press buttons are strapped to blocks of wood to behave as pedals.

Find in the listing and read the PDF file for full information.


EM1765-001 Electronics and Photonics kit (new item).

The Victorian VCE has Photonics as an option and this extensive kit is designed to cover the option entirely.
Step by step it teaches the aspects of basic electronics exactly as required by the curriculum, including transistor amplification and finally Photonics.

This item will remove the pain experienced by teachers in this subject and the students will find it exciting and rewarding. The system uses our cute new 2mm banana plug system. The experiments are all written for students and a teachers’ set is included with answers to all questions. All this data is on a CD and is freely copyable.


EM1973-001 Induction kit, ‘Hodson’, transformers, motors.

This kit was developed by IEC about two years ago to fill a void in the teaching of Induction. It covers both DC and AC induction and allows students to wind their own transformer coils to study transformer theory.

A 300 turn primary coil and a 600 turn secondary coil is provided pre-wound. The whole system runs at 12V for safety. Turns ratio, leakage, magnetising current, saturation, magnetic fields, magnets, laminated iron, DC motors, AC motors, Squirrel cage induction motors and many other aspects are included in this very useful kit. An excellent guide for teachers and a Glossary of terms is included. The plastic parts are enormously strong and long lasting in student's’ hands.


LB2162-001 Microscope Lamp, 12V, reflector type (new item)

IEC’s microscope lamps have been well known for many years. We have developed a new model using a 12V quartz halogen lamp with an inbuilt reflector (similar to those used in domestic lighting these days).

We believe the 12V 20W lamps will be long lasting and easy to source. The design is almost identical to today’s model, including the stainless steel bench stand, except the lamp socket is the same as our later model Light Box with a two core flex and stackable 4mm banana plugs moulded to the cables. The new system provides MUCH more light, a whiter light and much cooler running.
We are interested to receive feedback on this item.


H3792-001 Spectrometer, flame emission & A/A, and Colorimeter.

This chemistry item has been in our range for many years and the original software was written for DOS and we had difficulty in writing it for Windows. The equipment is an excellent introduction into Colorimetry and Flame and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry for Chemistry teaching but, although the equipment performs well without using a computer, there is a desire to have the equipment run in more modern software.

GOOD NEWS: Therefore, IEC has arranged new software for Windows and an adaptor to permit the old models to now plug directly into the USB port and to now run on the new software. The suitable low cost light source to use for performing A/A spectrometry is our CH3792-020 (partly visible in the picture)


HL3792-020 Low cost Sodium light source:

The Sodium source for the Flame Spectrometr is required for demonstrating Atomic Absorption (AA). IEC has a new, MORE compact model coming soon where the tube is a proper Spectral Lamp. This current model uses a Sodium lamp that is good for the Spectrometer but not good enough for optical work.

We are looking at the possibility of a dual lamp so that a choice of two different tubes (both protected inside the chimneys) can be selected from the panel. This eliminates the changing od tubes and the chimney style avoids separate tube holders and cables.


CH1003-001 Colorimeter, digital, with kit.

This is a battery operated digital Colorimeter kit developed by IEC some years ago. It is complete with test tubes and cuvettes. It is easy to use and gives excellent results of solution concentrations by using either % transmission or Absorption.

A special ‘auto-calibrate’ feature ensures that it is easy to always obtain correct results. It performs similar to a commercial unit but its price is a fraction others on the market.

An output is provided for logging the values. A normal 9V battery is installed in a holder at the end of the instrument.


This NEWS page will be expanded over time to keep you in touch with new items and with changes to existing items. More information on any product is available by downloading or reading the complete data sheets available for each item from the complete product listing pages.

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