IEC Automotive

THE AUTOMOTIVE RANGE: (still under construction)

Over many years, IEC has designed and manufactured hundreds of special machines for the Auto industry. A small selection is shown below with comments:

Brake system: for fast lines...

The image shows two large overhead trolleys driven on an overhead rail to synchronise with the vehicle travel. The trolleys contain High Vacuum pumps and can combine brake, clutch and power steering filling if required. Several different models can be processed from the same ftrolley.

The filling guns are carried by arms that rise, fall and twist to present the filling guns to the operators.

Forward direction synchronises with the vehicle line speed and the 'go home' speed is several times faster.


Brake system: for slow lines....

This is a much smaller version of Brake Filling machine. The base console carries all the equipment and there is no overhead rail or trolleys.

A 'Jib' pivots from the top of the machine and carries all the hoses and cables while the guns hang from a 'dropper' at the end of the jib. All start and stop buttons are on the gun parking station rather than on the guns themselves.

This type of machine is suitable for the slower lines with a vehicle station time exceeding several minutes.

Air Conditioning charging machine:

This image shows the base console of a large fully automatic AirCon charging system The control is by large 'touch panel' that displays cycle progress, all alarms and machine faults and status.

The PLC in this console controls the self tracking system and the evacuation, leak testing and charging of 4 overhead trolleys that run above the vehicles as they travel along the conveyor.

This advanced high speed machine incorporates Dry Nitrogen pressure testing prior to the evacuation and charging process.


Brake syatems

Power Steering systems

Air Conditioning systems


Washer bottles

Engine cooling systems

Brake systems

L.P.gas systems