IEC Mash Baths

The "IEC" Mash Baths

The "IEC" Mash Bath is designed to perform the International Standard process on various cereals for the Malting, Brewing and other industries.

Our latest models are controlled by a modern 'Touch Panel' controller where the operator has full control over the functions of each program. Any program can be edited or written by the laboratory chemist when required.

There are no separate buttons or lights and the progress of any mash program is visible on the display as a 'progress line' passing along a graph that relates time and temperature. There is control over stirring, distilled water volumes and the method of cooling the samples at the end of the mash cycle.

The bench models:

The image shows our latest model 6 pot bench mounted machine. Note the small footprint and the touch screen mounted in the most convenient position.

The screen can be twisted and tilted to suit the operator and, if required, the touch screen controller can be mounted away from the bath on a wall or a shelf.

Note the 9 stainless steel sample pots and the 9 smaller pots for distilled water.


The various models include

6 pot, 9 pot, 12 pot and 16 pot bench mounted baths with additional pots for the distilled water volumes. These are suitable for the smaller labs where throughput is not high.

16 pot, 20 pot, 25 pot and 30 pot floor mounted models with integral distilled water storage and dispensing. These are more suitable for the larger lab where the samples can run into fifty per day .... or more.


The touch screen can be twisted, tilted or mounted remotely. The programs are viewed as graphs relating temperature and time. All press buttons are on the screen and there is no additional hardware to clean.

New programs can be created or existing ones edited by lab operators but this editing area is protected by a password for security.

Stirrer speed, alarm volume and other features are adjustable on-screen..

Pots and Lid:

In this view, the stainless steel sample pot and the manual distilled water volume pot can easily be seen.

The special rings around each of the holes in the lid are designed to grab the sample pot and to hold it firmly from floating.

The whole lid is easily removable when cleaning of the bath interior is required.


More information on all models of the 'IEC' Mash Bath, view or print the PDF file .......... press GO