MF 0107-001


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Unit: EACH

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This item is a 2m long AIR TUBE ONLY, drilled and anodised, complete with assembly kit.

NOTE::: Any basic IEC Air Track consists of an AIR TUBE with its assembly kit (end caps and feet etc) and an OPERATIONAL KIT of parts for doing experiments.

Cat: MF0107Z-001 is the 2m version of the complete basic Air Track (without the options below).

OPTIONAL PARTS:: (many schools have some of these parts from older models) AIR BLOWER & hose, LB 0115-002 to quietly feed air into any Air Track or Air Table. SUB BASE & assembly kit MF0107-005 to support the Air Tube and to pull it even straighter. PHOTO GATE KIT, MF0138-001 measuring system to be used on any Air Track. ELECTRONIC TIMER, LB4064-101 that runs the Gates and measures times. LESS POPULAR PARTS ARE::: SPARK RECORDING KIT, MF0107-401 measuring system of tapes and spark tracks to fit to the Air Track where sparks are fired to make black dots on paper tape as the gliders move along the track. SPARK GENERATOR & cables, LB0118-001 is the device that creates the sparks.